Were There Ever a More Appealing Pair of Paupers?

Now this 'ere geezer Kevin Myers doesn’t seem to be a very likable fella, does he? A Holocaust Denier, apparently, [although I’m sure he’d deny that] and someone who seems to take delight in being gratuitously offensive.

Mr. Myers is not alone in being guilty of this crime however. It seems to me that it is almost a prerequisite for all the self-publicists of his type, in these over-loud times in which we find ourselves.

His recent article in The Sunday Times entitled ‘Sorry ladies, equal pay has to be earned’, has been branded both anti-Semitic and sexist. He expresses no surprise that Claudia Winkelman and Vanessa Feltz, are two of the top-earning women at the BBC, when the pay rates of their top earners were published recently. He continues thus, “Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price, which is the most useful measure there is of inveterate, lost-with-all-hands stupidity”.

Mr. Myers also states that that men tend to be paid more because they "work harder, get sick less frequently and seldom get pregnant" They are also "more ambitious" by his reckoning. All very black and white there Kevin! No ‘nuanced’ points of view for you eh?

So, why do I not find his comments offensive? Because singling them out from all the other offal that is continuously spouted by these self-important nonentities is like complaining about a pin prick in your umbrella in the middle of a hurricane. And talking of pricks – little or otherwise – not all of them have balls to match!

So what do we have next? The unedifying and sickeningly hypocritical spectacle of Vanessa Feltz climbing onto her publicity machine/gravy train, and expressing her offence, anger and pain at Mr. Myers’s ‘anti-Semitic’ remarks.

Shed not a tear for this woman, I implore you!

It seems to have completely escaped her notice that she is wallowing in self-pitying hypocrisy here. But then all these ridiculous social commentators and pundits, with their instant solutions to every issue [except the really important ones, in which they take absolutely no interest], and their ridiculously simplistic views on the trivia they mouth-off or write about, lack one essential quality for any mature person. They have no capacity whatsoever for any self-criticism or self-analysis.

Has it not occurred to her, and to all the others who would instantly take up the cudgel on her behalf, that those of her ilk make their living out of offending others on an almost daily basis? It is their very stock-in-trade. Day-after-day, they publicise their own talentless careers by passing judgement on others, about whom they know nothing. People they have often never met or have just been handed an A4 sheet of lies about – concocted by their ‘researchers’.

The main issue they should all be publicising is the crime of fiddling whilst Rome burns. The crime of being concerned with such trivia whilst the planet dies, or children are enslaved making bricks in India. It might also behove them to reflect upon, and then write or broadcast about the fact that whilst they, male or female, are earning obscene sums of money for doing nothing much of any real value, millions of hard-working people are doing responsible jobs whilst struggling just above, or below, the breadline.

And whilst we are on the subject, I’d like to know how much the male and female ‘same old suits’ get each time they are called in to prostrate themselves on Question Time or on Any Questions on Radio 4. And how much does Michael Portillo get for sitting on a couch next to an ‘acceptable face of Labour’ stooge on This Week? - every sodding week!

The great Sam Shephard died this week. In that wonderful rambling song ‘Brownsville Girl’, that he co-wrote with Bob Dylan, there is a line about it being a long time ago, “long before all the stars were torn down”. Well it hasn’t happened yet Sam, but it fucking well needs to.

I’m sure that every nurse, getting home knackered after a long shift and wondering how she might pay her bills for the upcoming month, is going to be really moved by the plight of Claudia and Vanessa, and all the other hard done by women working for the BBC.

So, we have Claudia Winkelman and her BBC salary of close-on £500,000pa and a quoted net worth of $12million – and Venessa Feltz with her BBC salary of approaching £400,000pa. I say again, were there ever a more appealing, and deserving pair of paupers?

Now I know many of you are struggling on zero-hours contracts and reduced benefits, or have had your public sector pay increase capped to one percent, but really, couldn’t you please find a pound or two for the BBC Unequally Paid Women’s Hardship Fund? If I can find it, I’ll put the link up later. There again, I might just put one up for something a little more deserving instead!

Were There Ever a More Appealing Pair of Paupers?