The Soul Farmer

The Soul Farmer
A West Wales Odyssey – Book Four

About The Soul Farmer -
Bereft after the suicide of his partner Sophie, Vincent is visited by a woman who seems to have been somehow pre-destined to enter his life. Very quickly, following the grisly discovery of a body in a budget hotel room on the other side of Britain, she needs the support she has shown for him to be reciprocated.

So begins their journey together. A journey to understand all of the dark and unsettling events that have been visited upon their small community in West Wales in the recent past.

In doing so, they will have to confront a much older and stronger power – a power that is already among them. One that arrived via an ancient place and under the cover of night.

It now waits patiently, having travelled a long way to meet someone in particular - someone chosen long ago, and with very special assets to trade.

The stage is set, and Vincent and his new partner can put off their appointment with destiny no longer. They will learn that all is very much not as it seems in this little corner of Britain, and that time as they perceive it, is a fragile construction at best.

They will also need all of their combined strength of will and character to face down this power, and in so doing, will be forced to re-evaluate, and possibly lose so much of what they value and hold dear. Even their core concepts of good, evil, justice and morality will be tested to the very limit, in a battle for their own survival.

Work in progress

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