Splitting Rainbows: Must All Dreams End?

Splitting Rainbows: Must All Dreams End?
A West Wales Odyssey – Book One

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About Splitting Rainbows -
Out on a headland in West Wales where he goes regularly to watch porpoises, seals and sea birds, Marshall meets, apparently by chance, the enigmatic Anna, to whom he is immediately attracted.

They begin seeing each other, but it is soon set against a background of Marshall being ’stalked’ by someone who appears to have ill-intent towards him - and possibly towards Anna as well.

Marshall and Anna talk about many things that they have done or feel as their relationship intensifies and Marshall in particular, opens up in great detail to Anna about his past life - presented in the book as being written in the third person.

Although they become very close in a short space of time, something about Anna continues to ‘play’ on Marshall’s mind, however.

As the stalking incidents increase and Anna moves in with Marshall for their mutual protection, he is soon to discover that seemingly arbitrary decisions from both his more distant and recent pasts will have devastating consequences for him.

A journey to the accompaniment of musical and other references from the 1960s to the present day - it chronicles how people who are in many ways ‘hangovers’ from times past seek to cope in the modern world.

Part thriller and part love story, this novel explores the sometimes convoluted and often contradictory inner landscapes that all of us inhabit - if we would only be honest with ourselves.

All of the characters do what they can and must to survive the roller-coaster lives that they live. The book is uncompromising in its honest treatment of sex, which is a very important aspect of the lives of four of the individuals involved, and warning is given of the very explicit nature of some of the sexual scenes depicted in the book.


Online Reviews -
"I’m very pleased I found this book. It is very hard to slot it into any neat category as it is a thriller in parts, with building tension, but also a love story, though not a conventional one! The style of writing is very direct and yet almost poetic in places and so it pulls you right into both the plot and the characters. The author does not use quotation marks for the dialogue between the characters and this seems to make the novel very conversational in style, and this is important, given the very large amount of it. Probably over half of the total content is dialogue. I've seen this in another book I've read lately and it was used to the same good effect as here. This book is also very funny by the way, with humour in the most unexpected places. A great read with a brilliant ending. Thoroughly recommended."


"Addictive Reading. I downloaded this book only because of the connection to West Wales [where I live] that was mentioned in the book description. I'm really pleased I did though as I was instantly drawn into it. So much so, that I read it in only two long sessions. I found the middle section of the book to be the real highlight. This is almost a self-contained story of a love triangle set in 1980 and is particularly beautifully written. I felt for all the characters involved in this relationship but particularly for Claire and the demons she struggles so hard to deal with. Some of the events in this section have a connection to the two more thriller-like parts at the beginning and end of the book, which are set in the present day. It all builds towards an ending which just comes out of nowhere. I found I was only pages away from the end without having a clue as to how it would all pan out. In my view too many novels these days have neat endings, where all the loose ends are tidied up. This one does not and that is all to the good, as life is not like that. I read from the Author's Page that this is the author's first novel and it is all the more remarkable an achievement because of it. I can hardly recommend this book highly enough and am looking forward to the next one. This guy has real talent as well as 'attitude'. Five stars without any hesitation."

"It was the cover that sold this one to me, as I thought it looked intriguing. Once I started reading I found I loved the descriptions of the Welsh coastline and also all the musical references that punctuate the story. They really help to set it all in context. Although the book is inevitably very bleak in places as it deals with complex relationships, it is always saved from being too heavy by the humour. This is present in most chapters and there are some very funny passages, even during the many sex scenes, which are sometimes pretty full-on by the way. A warning though, as the humour is almost always of an extremely caustic and cynical variety. I like that but it does depend on your taste. I would be hard put to categorise this book. It is not really a conventional thriller although the tension does build nicely throughout parts one and three of the book. It is a love story as well and I found part two to be a very emotionally charged read. The ending of the book is pure gold star stuff. I just didn't see that one coming! A really good read even though it is harrowing in parts."

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