Sophie: A Death and A Life

Sophie – a Death and a Life
A West Wales Odyssey – Book Three

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About Sophie -
To an already long list of unpleasant and tragic events, that in recent months have been visited upon a small West Wales community, is now added yet another.

To Susanne, a local school teacher, there seems to be just too many bad things happening and she is convinced they are part of something bigger, and that much worse is still to come.

The latest event is a suicide - that of a still-beautiful forty-five year old woman with striking red hair. Her name is Sophie, and she has a heart-breaking backstory.

We follow Sophie through a twenty year period, coincident with her long-term relationship with Vincent, four years her senior, to discover how a seemingly very happy partnership could end in such tragedy.

Although essentially a modern love story, the darker undertones that run through it will have consequences beyond Sophie’s life.

This is the third book in a continuing West Wales Odyssey series, and although ‘Sophie’ is a stand-alone story, the darker elements within it – and those of the first two books, ‘Splitting Rainbows’ and ‘Broken Crockery’ will lead on into Book Four in the series.


Online Reviews -
Having read this author’s first two books, I was looking forward to this one, although I’m usually not too keen on love stories! I needn’t have worried though, because as with the other two, nothing is quite as simple as it seems and there are other threads running through the book, plus the usual clusters of caustic comments on modern life and some of its hypocrisy. As for the love story itself though, I have to say that it is beautifully written, with great sensitivity for the character of Sophie and all of the terrible events that she has had to experience and survive. The dialogue between Sophie and Vincent is so intense at times, that I felt almost present during their conversations. This book had me laughing out loud at some points, crying at others, but in the end, just emotionally wrung out. I have to say that it engaged me totally, right from the author’s note at the beginning, through to the epilogue. I can’t imagine how the series will end in the final book, but I’m sure it won’t be anything like I expect!

I really like this guy’s books. He has taken a love story and turned it into a treatise on the brutality those with power can all too often wield on those without any, and also on environmental destruction. Do not read this if you are a person who does not automatically side with the underdog! What is extraordinary in my view is the way this shortish novel manages to chronicle one human relationship over twenty years with such intimacy. If you read it as a man, you may, as I did, start to think along with Vincent. If you read it as a woman, maybe the same would happen as regards Sophie, I don’t know. What I do know is that if you have a heart, you will fall in love with her character!

I read the first book in this series and thought I’d give this one a go. It was certainly an engaging read and had me drawn right in from the outset. It is a love story first and foremost, and a very well written one at that, but like in the first book there are other darker rumblings going on the background. I also thought the revenge taken upon the principal ‘Baddie’ was great. Justice was well and truly served up and it certainly had me cheering! I think I’ll now read the second book. Thoroughly recommended.