Broken Crockery: The Dinner Party From Hell

Broken Crockery - The Dinner Party From Hell
A West Wales Odyssey – Book Two

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About Broken Crockery -
The villagers in the district are all talking about the recent murder in their small community

To take their minds off things, local artist Simon and his wife Arabella decide to throw a dinner party and invite two other couples - their new neighbours Kyle and Deni, plus friends Ashley and Susanne. They also invite Jacqueline, a woman who moved into the area some months ago following a divorce, and their single friend Huw, with a spot of matchmaking in mind.

As the party progresses and the drink flows, the conversation develops and eventually, becomes very heated. It brings out not only strongly differing political and world viewpoints, but many darker undercurrents, both between the individual characters and within the relationships of the couples involved.

There is no such thing as a ‘free’ dinner however, and as the evening ends in a way none of those present could have possibly predicted, the consequences that flow from this one social event will change the lives of most who attend forever. It will also unearth something long hidden - something that can come back to bite - hard!

Always in the background too is the brooding [if outwardly jovial] character of Old Geraint. When not on the beach with his dog Buster, he is usually to be found in his ramshackle cottage where, since the murder, he has been ‘befriended’ by a very special cat who is now orphaned, and who seems to be able to communicate with Geraint on some very unusual levels.

He sits sentinel with Geraint in the evenings, as he writes up his journal in a scruffy old notebook - all that he has seen, heard, understood or just surmised of each day’s events. Geraint’s journal will have lasting effects!


Online Reviews -
"As I live in West Wales I read this guy's first book and loved it, so I've been looking forward to the second one. I was also pleased to see on his Author Page that there is to be a third book in the series. Like with Splitting Rainbows it is hard to categorise this one either, but it is probably more a thriller than anything else. What I liked about it most though was the way the tension is ratcheted up during the dinner party to the point where you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. You find yourself annoyingly agreeing with some of the points raised on both sides of the arguments. This quickly vanished for me however, as the series of events that follow the dinner party start to spiral out of control, and I found myself definitely on the side of the angels! Like with his first book, it is written with real attitude, but always with sensitivity and sympathy for the characters and their situations. The ending again avoids falling into the trap of being predictable as so many novels do, and as in the first book it takes you completely by surprise. I had better say though that the ending won't be so meaningful, or even alarming, if you haven't read the first book - so if you haven't go and read that as well!"

"I read the first book in this series but I wasn't able to place a review as I got it when it was on offer as a free download. Anyway it was a great read and really quite unlike anything I have ever read before. This second book is another that fits into that category. It has elements of a thriller and some of a love story, but section one of the book and its exploration of some quite extreme opinions at both ends of the political spectrum, and what happens when they meet socially, makes for utterly gripping reading. Section two is where the 'fun' begins as the consequences of the dinner party begin to build upon each other. There are kind of two endings to the book, but the one in the epilogue is totally unexpected and takes you off in another direction entirely. Of course the true hero of the book is Oscar the cat! Despite the subject matter, it is very funny in places, though maybe I just have a sick sense of humour! A totally absorbing and rewarding read, and I'm only giving it five stars, as I'd give it six if it were allowed."