Am I a Terrorist? Theresa, Please Tell Me!

If ever Theresa May gets her wish, and there becomes a law that criminalises non-violent extremism on the statute books, then I’m expecting a visit from ‘Theresa’s Thought Police’. I fully expect my metal Everest seven-lever high-security door to be blown off its hinges, and myself to be extraordinarily rendered to the local ‘cop shop’, dressed in an orange jump suit. Why? – Because I’m a thought-terrorist! I plead guilty m’lord.

I’d better try to explain. What do I mean by a thought-terrorist? It is this. I confess to wishing that the things I think are wrong are stopped – but not only by peaceful and democratic means. I confess to admiring those who might try to stop these things by breaking the law through the taking of direct action. Now the things I’m talking about might not be those that you would wish for.

What would I feel if I saw - a whaling ship blown out of the water? Or primates forcibly removed from some vivisection establishment, which was then trashed? Or a shop selling wildlife products from creatures killed and traded in the most unbelievably cruel ways, being vandalised? Those are among my issues, and in all those cases I would feel pleased, and would applaud such actions. It matters to me not one jot that the acts committed would be illegal. They would be acts against other acts which are, in my view, and in the view of many, many people, wrong and immoral.

So – arrest me! You won’t stop me thinking or saying what I think, or believing what I believe. No one is going to write my agenda for me. I’ll write my own, thanks. And if ninety-five percent of the rest of the population think I’m wrong, well that only serves to reinforce my view that I am right!

As an aside, a good friend of mine said to me on the phone recently, that he heard so much coming at him from our over-loud twenty-four hour news media these days, that he wavered in his views between being a socialist one day and a neo-fascist the next! He was joking of course, but I kind of know what he was getting at.

Seriously though, you should all stand firm. Believe what you truly believe, and let no one in power or in the media force you from that belief – from the rightness of your stance, as you see it. Question everything you hear or see. Always look for the hidden agenda. Don’t automatically buy into the con. Ask yourself what those telling you to think X, Y or Z have to gain from doing so. Usually it will be power – and, for the most part, power to be exercised over the weakest [human or animal]. Of course, if your mind can be changed by the presentation of a well-reasoned, factually-based argument, then that is a different matter altogether.

Apparently, Mrs May also wants there to be a campaign to promote “superior British values”. What fucking century are these people living in? She might have noticed that the age of deference has either passed, or is passing quickly. To quote a certain Mr. Robert Zimmerman in a slightly different context “you’ll give it to me now, or I’ll take it anyhow”. Oh shit, I’ve probably just committed another act of non-violent terrorism!

Anyway Theresa, my love, I wonder if your superior British values include prostituting yourself to a bunch of political bigots for one plus billion quid. What kind of superior British value is that?

And let’s just back up a little further on this support for terrorism stuff too. Are you guilty of non-violent extremism yourself? And maybe even of funding it? The DUP certainly had links to unionist terrorists in the past and, say some, are still friendly with the guilty. Will their friends in the UDA benefit if the Good Friday Agreement were to unravel due to this shoddy and shameful electoral pact?

You see – it ain’t so easy, is it Theresa? By the way, if you are so righteous and moral in all your own views and actions, then why don’t you stop your support for fox hunting?

Freedom of thought and expression is one of the few remaining amongst those which my ninety-six year old uncle took off for Nazi-occupied Europe every night, in order to defend. He broke his back jumping out of a burning aircraft in the early hours of a wintery night in January 1944, and he spent over twenty years in agony as a result. He did it fighting a regime who was telling people what they must think, say, be and do.

So now Theresa, I’m telling you what I think you should think and do in return. That’s only fair isn’t it?

Firstly, maybe you can investigate some of the ‘terrorists’ in uniform that are always trying so hard to put down legitimate protests and trample over the rights of individuals – those agents of the state, with their “superior British values”, that apparently it is our duty to always support, as they seek to crush those who are not on message, or may simply decide to live differently.

Perhaps you should also re-consider the decision not to hold an inquiry into ‘The Battle of Orgreave’, and, whilst you are about it, ‘The Battle of the Beanfield” too. Both are stains on our nation, and might even be termed state-terrorism. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that sort of treatment. It was only in a mild form, but even that was bloody frightening.

Now get off my fucking back, put the lid on such a crackpot idea, and leave me to think and say what I am still free to – including what I might think of you!

Am I a Terrorist? Theresa, Please Tell Me!